BisZinc Use Case Competition

You are invited to participate in developing an use case competition that is organized by, with the HKD$50 Starbucks digital coupon award for successful submitted Use Case.

We aim to attract more elite people and build/develop a shared economy ecosystem to manage projects and business in the BisZinc’s Knowledge Exchange Platform. For example, typical use cases can be as below:

  • IT - Microsoft Windows OS upgrade
  • Education – Tutorial curriculum
  • Account – Payroll procedure
  • SME – Product Demo Flow

We will start the area competition from 15 June, 2020.
For this competition, some information are listed as follows:

Date: 15 June, 2020
Participant: All registered users
Competition Format: Develop the Use Case submission at’s Knowledge Library
Language:English or Chinese
Acceptance Criteria: Maximum number of accepted use cases is 100 without any duplicated or similar use cases being submitted. Final decision is subject to approval.
Award Highlight: Submitted Use Case being accepted and applicants will receive HKD$50 Starbucks digital coupon
Application: Please create and submit the use case at Knowledge Library. All submitted use cases ownership will be belonged to
Instruction: Download Instruction Here


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BisZinc is perfectly for teams

BisZinc transform people's working behavior to help SMEs inherit own business culture and grow the business while helping "Slasher" get the right project.


AI for Project Management

Leveraging pre-built AI aided support for resource and project planning and management.

Cumulative Experience

Using the historical record to package jobs in a novel fashion, and provide verifiable experience credit for individuals.


Check for Talent's Qualification

Crowdsourcing vetting solution to provide a reference for qualification of talent, enable real-time qualification checking online.

Marketplace for Slash Economy

Review the know-how packaged as a medium of exchange in our service exchange marketplace, allowing any user to buy and sell knowledge as a service


Our technology

Powered by OpenSource solution, our cloud platform employs the best technology available in SaaS solution enablement and machine intelligent. We create innovative Patent Technology to provide user qualification management and knowledge capturing processes, in an always available and secure solution


Use Cases

We have flexible project and content management solutions works for businesses of all kinds.

BisZinc help to provide a holistic view for your project status, user requirements collections, schedule dependency and acceptance status.

A simple template to help you to assign the project tasks to your teammates, keep track on any schedule delay as well as user feedback. Provide the pre-defined knowledges, procedures to help your teammates to performthe assigned tasks with the well-test procedures.

Eye catching progress to determine the project status, and make sure the project can be completed in time.

BisZinc help to collect and facilitate to get the developer and designer to prototype a solution and keep track the progress

A simple template to help facilitator or PM to collect the requirement, features, progress and feedback.

Start with a template and adjust it to your specific projects. Remember, Why Project?

Eye catching progress to determine the project status, and make sure all teams are progressing.

BisZinc help professional sales to track the prospecting and determine whether it is a solid case to invest and progress. By the pre-built Professional Sales Prospecting 101, it gives a clear lay out on tracking each prospect.

A simple template includes key questions to check out the prospect condition.

Start with a template and adjust it to your specific sales prospect and needs. Remember, Why Project?

Eye catching progress to determine the prospecting status. You will always know where you are in the deal and what is pending for response.

BisZinc help you to plan for your/family/friends trip and provide a collaboration platform to share the team idea on the trip planning

A simple template help you to prepare your itinerary preparation and trip planning

You can also post and sell your trip planning thru BisZinc Ayuda (Marketplace)

BisZinc help you to plan for your Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) courses development and provide the track record for the course feedback

A simple template help you to build your course content and curriculum.

BisZinc Ayuda can capture your qualification and feedback for the courses in the past, and it can share and sell it in the Marketplace.

BisZinc Ayuda can help you to sell your different services offering, and also capture for your past comments for your track records.

A simple template help you to build and list for your services offering, task lists as well as schedule.

BisZinc shares our knowledge of D-Biz application to our users. In knowledge template has shown the detail pre-qualification and steps in online form application for Distance Business (D-Biz) Programme submission.

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